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The Correlation of EAP Solutions and Increased Productivity

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Attracting, cultivating, and maintaining a workforce consisting of talented and productive employees can be a challenge these days. Administrative team members must be agile and creative in determining what employees need most to achieve success in today's workplace.

And then there is the issue of substance abuse and mental health. How can employers recruit and maintain a stable, productive workforce while addressing concerns of addiction, depression, and other serious afflictions?

Employee assistance programs (EAP)s are often offered as part of company benefit packages. EAP solutions are programs designed by providers to assist employees in accessing resources that can help with personal problems that affect job performance.

Substance abuse EAPs like Employee Recovery can help employers support their employees in the fight against addiction. Illegal substances, prescription drugs, and alcohol affect the performance of a significant percentage of workers.

EAP programs are one of the most effective ways to help employees increase productivity rates, raise employee self-esteem, improve quality of life, and encourage personal and career development. In turn, this has a direct impact on company profits.

EAP solutions have been proven through research to support the needs of employees, and the overall success of companies:

Here are some key points about EAP programs and why contracting with companies offering EAP solutions can lessen stress at all levels of staff and management and boost profit through positive and efficient employee performance.



We all know we are unable to offer our best effort when we are:

  • Feeling unwell for any reason.
  • Under the influence of drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Suffering mental health issues, like depression.
  • Preoccupied with financial difficulties or personal relationship challenges.

EAPs are designed to help employees find ways to limit or solve a variety of problems in their personal lives. These problems often:

  • Draw worker attention from job tasks that require focus, resulting in poor performance. 
  • Trigger workplace accidents.
  • Threaten the morale of affected individuals and co-workers. 

To accomplish this, EAPs offer employees assistance with:

  • Alcohol or substance abuse.
  • Relationship challenges.
  • Physical wellness and mental health issues.
  • Traumatic events, including workplace violence.



EAPs support productivity and safe job performance by enabling employees to maintain:

  • Consistent job attendance.
  • Optimal focus on tasks when at work.
  • Improved safety records.

Healthy workers who feel in control of their lives report to work on a regular basis. Freed from excessive worry about personal issues and/or the effects of alcohol and drugs, they offer their best, most productive performance. This passion for productivity supports the building of a profitable business. 

Reduced frequency of workplace accidents adds even more to the bottom line total, due to cost savings from the reduction of:

  • Expensive litigation.
  • Increased insurance benefits.
  • Employee time off due to injuries.

This factor is especially important in high-risk professions, including manufacturing, construction, and more.



Highly skilled and knowledgeable job seekers are attracted to companies that show their support for employee success by offering EAPs. Finding workers who value more than just a paycheck — those who are intent on improving performance — will require less effort if EAPs are included in the company benefits plan.  



Offering EAP solutions for your workforce is a wise decision. But often many workers in need fail to take advantage of these programs. Sometimes they are unaware of program availability. In other cases, they fail to understand the benefit potential of the EAP programs offered.

Actively promoting your EAPs helps attract quality job applicants. Inviting current workers to participate and explaining the benefits helps improve conditions for workers and for the company as a whole. 

An EAP implemented to help eliminate drug and alcohol abuse requires the formation of a system to inform, educate, train, and motivate stakeholders, as noted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 



Substance abuse is an epidemic in today's society and a drag on workforce productivity. The National Safety Council says in a post about drugs at work that, "one in 12 workers (is) dealing with an untreated substance use disorder".

The true cost of substance abuse in the workplace is staggering. Contrary to popular opinion, some sources report that over 70% of people facing a substance abuse problem hold down jobs.

Properly addressing the issue with a positive, person-centered approach can help affected employees address their addictions and transform them into valued, productive staff members.




Facing today's challenges in assembling and maintaining a productive workforce can be draining for CEOs, CHROs, and other administrative staff members. EAP programs that solve problems for employees and improve productivity can make the job easier.  

Employee Recovery, a subsidiary of Landmark Recovery, offers EAP programs for substance abuse that focus on holistic treatment and transformational change. Employee Recovery exists to help companies seeking EAP programs that can resolve substance abuse issues, boost employee life satisfaction, and improve on-the-job production. 

Dealing with substance abuse with compassion is a key factor in achieving EAP participation and successful completion. EAPs of all types can help transform employees with mediocre performance into productive, passionate, valued team members. 

Research verifies the fact that investment in people improves more than morale. It can boost productivity and ensure long-term success for your business.



EAP solutions for problems affecting employee morale, and thus job performance, are popular as perks that help to recruit and retain valuable staff members. 

All the benefits of EAP solutions come together to facilitate a workforce of hard-working, productive employees who understand they have the support they need when they need it.

Facing today's challenges in assembling and maintaining a productive workforce can be draining. CEOs, CHROs, and other administrative staff members could use assistance from companies specializing in EAP programs that solve problems for employees and support productivity, and we’re here to help.

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