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 - Specialized Substance Abuse Support for Union Members - 

Help Your Members Beat Addiction With Specialized Treatment
From member referral to discharge and all the steps in between, our program was designed specifically to help union members get on the road to recovery.    

Prevent Avoidable Workplace Accidents

Employee impairment from drug or alcohol use creates significant risks in the workplace.

A momentary lapse of attention caused by impairment can result in severe and irreversible consequences: 

  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Death

In fact, studies show that 16% of emergency room patients injured at work have alcohol in their system (OSEA).


The numbers don't lie.


of today's workforce come to work either drunk or high. And the hidden costs below that stem from substance abuse can be staggering: 

  • Reduced Productivity
  • Extended Sick Leaves 
  • Late Arrival & Early Departure 
  • Workplace Accidents 
  • Theft
  • Property & Equipment Damage
  • Legal Liability for Terminating Employees Struggling with Addiction
  • Increased Employee Turnover  

In fact, it's estimated that the average cost of an employee struggling with addiction results in an additional cost of $8,817 per year to employers. 



Clinically Developed Curriculums

Our patients receive roughly twice the national average of weekly therapy hours — group and individual – for a fraction of the price of other facilities, all led exclusively by Masters-level clinicians.

Because building patient support systems is so important, family members are brought into the process through extensive family counseling and education.

Patients also receive consistent follow-up support from our staff, detailed action plans designed to help them stay well for life, dedicated alumni liaisons, and regularly scheduled alumni support group sessions.


Built to Serve Unions

We understand your job doesn’t end when one of your members walks through our doors. So, we built a program to ensure all patient referrals are managed expertly.

  • Nothing Slips Through the Cracks - You will receive a dedicated Account Manager to ensure that paperwork is completed accurately and on time. Nothing is overlooked.
  • Partner Referrals Receive Expedited Admissions - When your members need treatment, we'll ensure they get the proper care immediately. 
  • Patients Are Prepared to Return to Work - We develop a specialized discharge plan to help patients successfully transition back to the working world. 
  • You Stay in the Know - We provide weekly communications and a 24/7 line available for patient updates. 


Uncover 8 Common Signals That Indicate Substance & Alcohol Abuse Disorders in The Workplace

SAMHSA estimates that 8.9 million Americans are living with co-occurring disorders, but less than 7.5% of these people enroll in a treatment program that can effectively address both disorders.

In this guide, our clinical experts share the soft signals that will help you, your team, and your client identify employees who may be struggling with addiction so that you can help get them on the road to recovery. 


It's a Beautiful Thing When Helping Your Employees Adds Strategic Business Value

It's estimated that substance abuse costs American businesses an average of $81 billion in lost profits every year. The companies who proactively help their employees battle substance abuse disorders will not only have a healthier happier workforce, they will gain a competitive advantage as well. 

caroline-hernandez-TMpQ5R9mbOc-unsplash (2)

Improve Employee Wellbeing = Increase Productivity


Prevent Workplace Accidents = Reduce Costs & Liabilities


Decrease Employee Turnover = Increase Profitability


Why Choose Us? 

No Additional Costs

Simply put, there are no fees when becoming a Corporate Partner to get your employees on the Road to Recovery. 

Streamlined Referral Workflow

We live and breathe the finer details of Unicare & FMLA. Our knowledgable staff is here to provide a seamless transition for your patients.  

Dedicated Account Manager

As a referral partner, you will be assigned a dedicated specialist to ensure that your patient's experience is as smooth as possible. 

Expedited Admissions

When your patients are ready, we're here to help them begin their recovery as quick as possible. 

Proven Treatment Protocols

Our patients receive roughly twice the national average of weekly therapy hours for a fraction of the price of other facilities.

Communication Available 24/7

With a dedicated line open for 24/7 updates on your patient’s status, you'll never be out of the loop.

All Major Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept all major commercial insurance plans, and for many, we are their preferred in-network provider.

Free CE Certified Training

Our experts can help your team navigate the sensitive and challenging world of addiction in the workplace.




Treatment can be a significant and seemingly impossible investment for many families. We work as hard as possible to minimize that stress, reduce out-of-pocket costs, and offer multiple financial options for our patients.

We accept all major insurance plans and act as the preferred in-network provider for many carriers. In the case that there are costs that insurance does not cover, we offer low or no-interest financing options.




Let's Get You Started

The first step is to complete the form here to connect you with our one of our Corporate Account Liaisons.

They will meet with you to conduct a free evaluation where you can mutually decide if it makes sense to feature us within your EAP offering.